Is Not Spending On Your Partner In Need a Red Flag?


Good morning Abena. I believe you’re well. Please I’ve an issue I’d like to share.
There’s a guy I started dating not very long ago (this year).

Before the main issue, lemme state that, I’m hardworking and try to be independent. I managed to start a business, just to keep myself going and I’ve been handling all my needs until Corona set in. My business has since gone down. As it is now, I’m practically down to nothing.

My bf has a decent job but doesn’t care about how I’m surviving. Just a few days ago, he visited me and saw my hair in a bad condition. I actually wanted to ask him for money to do my hair, but I couldn’t (I just don’t know how to ask for or demand things from people). I thought he’d notice it and help with money for hairdo, but he didn’t care. Yet he had the audacity to initiate sex, hmm. Since we started dating, he’s not bought me 1ghc airtime sef before.

The worst part is, he hardly has time for me too. There’s a lot more but I’d rather not bore readers with. Now, my main concern is, I see this as a red flag and I want to quit the relationship. If I ignore that and get married to him someday, I’m scared he’ll not change.

This is a guy who loves to see me looking good, but isn’t ready to lift a finger to help me to even get my hair done! Men, please not all of us women are out here to spend your hard earned money anyhow, some of us are sensible enough to know that, you have to save for the future. However, that doesn’t mean you should ignore our basic needs. You see fine girls and you stare, well, it’s because they’re well taken care of.

A woman who doesn’t demand for things is no less better than those who demand for things that they can’t even afford themselves. The fact that we don’t ask or demand doesn’t mean we have it all, or that we don’t have needs.
When you’ve a woman who doesn’t demand unnecessarily from you, know that she also deserves to be taken care of.

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