Is My Wife Cheating with Her Bestie?


Hello Mano fans. I just don’t know how to start this whole thing but I really need some advice. I want to know whether I am overthinking or what I am thinking is true about my wife cheating on me with her bestie.

We have been married for 4 years now with one child who is 17 months old. I lost my job when my wife was 7 months pregnant but, I managed to take care of her till she delivered a bouncing baby boy. Glory glory glory, I was happy when I got to see my son lying beside my beautiful wife on the hospital bed.

When she was discharged from the hospital, I sent her to her mom’s place, since her mom will be the one bathing and taking care of the baby. She spent six months over there before I picked her with the baby back to our matrimonial home. Hmm.

One day I took my wife’s phone to check whether she has credit but that very day, I didn’t know what came over me to check her whatsapp first which usually I don’t do. I took the phone and went straight to her whatsapp. I opened the first chat and behold what I saw and read was very disgraceful.

My wife was insulting me to a guy, telling him how she has regretted getting married to me, and how she doesn’t know what came over her to marry me. My wife telling the guy about how she loves him. What made me weep was that whenever I have a whatsapp chat with her, she’ll screenshot the chat and send to the guy for them to mock me, like “sexy pics” etc.

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That very day I was very angry and decided to pack her out but she cried and apologized and promised never to repeat that thing again. That she was sorry and didn’t have anyone to share her problem with which was why she was talking to him.

That day I couldn’t sleep and had to think very well over this. I later found out this guy was her ex in the SHS she attended. Even before she got pregnant this guy whom she has been chatting with and calling bestie found my wife a job at his work place.

During the course of our marriage, sometimes she came home very late but whenever I asked her, she will tell me that their boss sent her and other friends out to chill. I trusted her because I know she wouldn’t do anything bad to me since we are married.

One day she went to work and came home around 3am whiles she needed to be home around 10pm but she came early in the morning. I confronted her again and she said her Boss took them out again. The very day I took the phone and checked her whatsapp is when I realized she went out with this guy and not their boss and friends.

I also saw in the chat that, she told she told the guy first that she was pregnant before telling me. I became very angry again and asked her to pack out. She told her mom who came begging with the promise that it won’t happen again. My in-law told her daughter to delete all chats with the guy and block him as well. My wife responded and block the guy.

Just recently, she started visiting her mom every other week. She spends a week at my place and the other week at her mom’s place. This thing has been going on for a year. Whenever I try to stop her, she picks a fight with me and goes with my son. I took her phone one-day and found out again that, she is still in contact with the guy and has changed the guys name to Y. She deletes the chat anytime she finish chatting with this guy.

I confronted her again and she told me that this guy helped her when she needed a job and also when she delivered, this same guy brought her Omo and diapers. Now I am confused on whether she is cheating on me or is I’m the one over thinking this due to the cheating before we got married. I don’t want to lose her if she is innocent.

NB: We dated for 8 years before we got married. Before getting married to her, I found out that she was cheating on me with another guy which I confronted her and she told me that it was the devil, I was sad and broken hearted. This is the girl I can die for but I took the hard pills and went on to marry her.

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. Bo there’s a problem you are failing to acknowledge. Women (especially married) hardly cheat at the rate your partner does. So it is either you are ready to accept her as a cheat or you let her go.

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