Is My Husband Married to His Mother?


I’m in a mess and have been hiding a lot from my family but it’s getting to me so hard. Ever since my husband convinced me for us to move to his mothers house, I’ve become a nobody in that house. I’m not paid much at work but we still have to take of our two kids. What’s making the matter worse is that it’s like my husband is now married to his mother.

He gives feeding money to her and the woman will send me around like a kid. Instead of giving me the money to go to the market to shop in bulk, she will give me 20 cedis to go and buy petty things. I remember when I was pregnant, this woman followed me to the hospital and anything I needed to pay I had to tell her to pay because her son gave her the money instead of me. It was so embarrassing.

My husband goes out for more than a week and I have no say in it. He wouldn’t call to tell me anything and wouldn’t answer my calls too. He only calls his mum and I would be hearing them laughing out loud. If I talk no one will back me up. His mum will rubbish it by calling her son aside and the next minute I will hear them laughing.

I cry almost every day and my kids will be crying too. I can’t wear a new dress without being questioned by my mother inlaw. I can’t hang out with friends because I feel like a stranger in that house. In fact I am unofficially unmarried. It’s been two good years, no sex with my husband. Sometimes at work when a man shows interest in me I weep because I ask myself where I went wrong to have this guy as a husband?

This evening I asked my bro to help me divorce him as quickly as possible I am dying slowly. I look at myself in the mirror and I see beauty wasting. I regret the day I met this guy.  Help me please. Help your only sis. For me to say all these, then it means I’m indeed dying. I need help or advice or any way around this. Thanks.

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Written by Abena Magis

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