Is My Ex Coming For Love Or The Benefits?


Good afternoon madam, my name is Ken please post this for me.

There is this lady I was dating (we broke up now) in 2016. We were very happy until almost a year into the relationship, she started complaining about her parents disapproval of our relationship. This was because I am an Nzema and she is a Ga.

I decided we end the relationship to prevent any issue in the future. She objected to my request and promised to make things right with the family before we finally settle down. I agreed because love, they say is blind. I became more committed to the relationship that I almost forget about myself in the process.

Something happened later. She started giving attitude, ignoring me and sometimes making comments that seemed to make me look like the relationship is more important to me than her.

I no more coz I prayed and hoped everyday she gets to realise how much I love her. It never worked so I ended the relationship. Two years now I’ve moved on but not dating because I felt I need more time to commit to another relationship. Just last week she came back to my DM asking for another chance.

Truth be told, I love her but I am afraid she is only coming back because of what she benefited while with me. I need advise from your fans.

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