Is Kissing A Sin?


Please I want advice on this. I’ve been together with this lady for 4 years and some months now. However because of our religious beliefs, we’ve both decided to do away with sex. Even though I sometimes wanna break this rule, the respect alone I have for her makes me understand her whenever she shows no interest in it.

Straight to the issue, my lady for the past 2 years wouldn’t even allow me to kiss her anymore mpo because she believes it’s a sin in addition to the sex. I personally have tried so much for her to understand that kissing is not a sin but she still refuses to give in. She is a good lady and I wouldn’t trade her for anything else. Please how do I get to convince her that kissing is not part of the sinful things mentioned in the bible?

At least if not sex, man should balance things with some platonic kisses because I can’t cheat either. Thanks.

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Written by Abena Magis

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