Is It Wrong to Ask For Money From My Husband?


Good Afternoon. Please I need an opinion from manofans. My husband is living outside the country. He rented a place for me for one year which he never helped me with money for my monthly bills through out the year. Meanwhile I was pregnant and not working ooo but I managed and never complained.

When the date was due, he asked me to move to their family house because there was an empty room and he didn’t want to waste money by renting for me. I decided to move in there. I am currently not working because my baby just turned 7 months old.

Auntie Abena, this my husband gives me GH¢20 a day and GH¢200 a month for the baby and that is what he sends us every month. He has no idea how I’m surviving with GH¢20 a day based on my current situation so I asked him to help me with some of the house bills.

His reply was, “I have given you a house and you want me to pay your bills for you too? Am I staying there some?” ???Whaaat!!!!!!???? Please am I wrong to ask him for money? He is on your page. I’m sure he will read comments.

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Written by Abena Magis

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