Is It Right to Move Away?


Good evening. Please there is this an issue with me and my family. I wish to get advice on what to do. Please keep me anonymous. I am 21 who lost my mom last year 2020. She used to live with my father at his work place. When she died, my big brother had a serious quarrel with me because I was much closer to mom while he wasn’t on good terms with her.

We even had to go to court on threats that came from him so I was advised to keep my distance. Then this year April my father too passed on. Before he died he was down with an illness so things were done for him. I was left on my own to fend and cater for myself till he passed on. Concerning my schooling, in the year 2018 I was to go to college but that was when my mom’s sickness started, she had cancer so every money was channelled into her treatment. 

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My dad’s people came for the burial and auntie I really regretted being in this world. For a reason I don’t know when they came and I went to welcome them they ignored me. It was at a meeting before the burial. One of my aunties accused me of joining forces with my late mom to kill their brother and that she left her witchcraft for me before going and if I try using it on them I will follow her. I was asked not to participate in any activity during the preparations for the burial so all I did was to sit inside and cry all day with a few friends beside me.

After the burial, they left without saying anything to me. I called to find out if they had reached safely only to be told because I planned to kill them on the way I am calling to find out if my plan succeeded. And that because I have chewed my parents there is no way anyone anywhere will ever like me nor even offer to help me. That I will die of depression and loneliness and I won’t get anyone who will care about me. These were the words my own auntie used on me.

And auntie Abena honestly most people who were around me before these two incidents have all turned their backs on me including my mom’s brother. He promised to take care of me and asked me to come over to his place only to be raped by him and that was how I left his place to.

Just 3 days ago, one of my aunties son called me and said I should forget everything and come home to where they are but auntie I don’t want to go. I just want to relocate to somewhere none of the families can trace me but someone too says no matter what they are my family what should I do? Because now depression is really eating me up. I will be reading comments. Thank you.

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Written by Abena Magis

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