Is It Possible To Move On?


Aunt please hide my Id. Please am a young guy married but it happens that I became broke totally after the marriage.

Hmmmmmm I became so poor that has never happened before I was about to die. Because of that my wife had another man. This man got her pregnant and she was totally disgraced in her area because the father is a man of God.

We are now separated, God being so good I met one girl who was very good but had given birth to one boy. I love this young woman so much to the extent that, I will marry her. She claims she wants to marry me too. One day, this girl visited me and I was trying to you know, make love with her.

She said no, so I asked her why the answer was that. She said she loves my younger brother. I and my brother look alike although we are not twins but more than that I also didn’t deny her. I said if she said so she could love him truly.

She has even slept with my brother. I and my brother are like friends so he told me everything but this girl said if I take another girl it will pain her a lot. What does she tried to tell me, I also pretend that I don’t know what is going on between her and my brother.

I asked her do you love me she said yes. She does not know what came over her to do that please. I need your support; help me with your advice. As for me it pains me but I will never love her any more because she wanted us to mix blood which will never be possible but I feel like I have had broken heart please inspire me.

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