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Is It Bad If It Is For A Good Cause?


Good morning, aunty. I came across some post about someone asking if it’d be okay to marry someone from a tribe of which the punishment for infidelity is madness. I thank God for the wonderful people in my family who never fail to inculcate our culture in us. I got the talk after my menarche. My mom gave me the sex talk, then the marriage talk with their cultural implications. This might be a little lengthy but pardon me.

In the Anlo culture, it is a taboo to have sex in the bush or farm, on the beach or on the floor etc. The punishment is usually severe sickness which may lead to death. There’s another one which forbids men from having sexual relations with two ladies who are related by blood. The punishment for this too is the same.

Finally, we come to the cheating. In Anlo, if a woman cheats on her husband and then goes back to sleep with him without the man being aware, she’ll go mad. And if the man was aware of the cheating, he’d go mad; a phenomenon we call afordada.

If the woman confesses before anything, they’ll cleanse her spiritually and she’ll be okay. Otherwise she’ll go mad forever. Women usually face the punishment because men are considered to be polygamous in nature and although it doesn’t sound nice, it has been like that since creation.

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