Is He Giving Me Format?


Please I need your adviceI’m a lady of 24 years and he is 27 years. I met him last year and we started dating after a month. He told me about his past relationship where his ex was possessed by a spirit and that spirit was controlling his life and the relationship. He said he left the relationship because the lady wanted to make him mad…and that he has nothing to do with his ex again.

I went to visit him last week and that same lady appeared in his house so he went out with her. When he came back after some hours and I questioned him, he said it was her birthday which is why he took her out. Also he wants to be closer and caring to her because the way he broke up with her wasn’t good. That the girl is going through spiritual attack and he needs to be the one to be there for her.

He further said until he solves his ex’s problem for her he’s not going to stay away from her. Auntie Abena my worry is that they can come back again. Also for how long is he going to be caring to his ex forgetting about how I feel?

I love him very much and don’t want to break up with him although I am hurt ???? Please what should I do? Is he giving me format?

Written by Abena Magis

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