Is Breaking Up the Best?

It’s a long story but I want to make it brief. I need the ladies to put themselves my shoes and sincerely advice me if breaking up is the best.

I met this guy in 2011 when I was about entering University. By then we were both SHS graduates and I happened to gain admission before him. In fact all I wanted from him from the onset was friendship but I just don’t know how it ended in a relationship.

I knew he wasn’t the one for me but one thing kept me with him: he agreed not to have sex with me till marriage when several attempts by him failed and after believing that I was a virgin. Moving on, he never provided for me on campus and he couldn’t further his education until now. Hmm.

Those days, I never bothered to ask him for money or anything because I knew that would give him grounds to demand for sex. I rather use to tip him when he was broke. I got fed up with the relationship somewhere 2015 because it was seriously boring.

All we did was for me to go to his place for romance. He didn’t buy me any gifts even though I bought him gifts often. In fact there was nothing to spice up the relationship.

I was posted to do my national service in Volta and so many guys came my way. The most annoying part was that married men were part. It got to a point that I told myself I needed a guy, if not, I might end up dating someone’s husband.

Briefly put, my guy and I got back and it has been hell till now. The only thing he does to keep me is not cheating and he’s always around me. I always complain about him not buying me gifts or worry about my looks but he doesn’t care. I provide for myself though I’m not employed.

It’s now a problem to me because I think we have come a long way and he’s planning to do Knocking this December. Meanwhile he virtually pays no attention to my complaints. He doesn’t tell me about his finance even when I ask. We virtually do not discuss anything about our future and I wonder if this guy is serious about me.

Nothing pains me more than the fact that my relationship with God got ruined because of him. The last straw that broke the camel’s shell was when I paid him a surprise visit and found him masturbating.

He hasn’t penetrated me before but we romance well well and he tells me he even enjoys that more than sex. I was shocked when I saw him in the act. He has pleaded for forgiveness and has spoken to our pastor but I think I’m fed up.

My question is will breaking up with him be the best now that I’m approaching 33? ????????????

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Written by Abena Magis

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