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Interesting Incidence With My Boyfriend


Hi. I had an experience with my boyfriend which I would love to share with you and your fans so they can also appreciate their partners. It’s not easy to find someone who would love and do eventually everything for you so when you find someone like that, you must do your best possible to keep that special person.

“Sweet in the middle” is the other name for my lover. He’s been good to me for all the times that we’ve been together. Though he’s not rich, he makes me happy and I must confess, he really makes me feel alive especially in the bedroom. If only he’ll allow me, I’ll call him my “Knacking King” even in public (just kidding).


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On Tuesday, we made love passionately to each other that I don’t think I would be able to forget what happened that fateful day. I’ll like to entreat everyone on this note, to appreciate their partners for the little care, attention, affection, love and sacrifices that they make for them.

Hhhhhhhhhmmmmmmm. So on this faithful day as we normally start with the foreplay, we did everything and the atmosphere was set for “things” to go down. As we usually do it, we used the “rubber,” started on a slower and gentle pace until it started getting hot. We enjoyed each other until we came respectively. He gave it to me like his life depended on it. 🥰

After the first round, we still needed each other like we hadn’t made love at all. We started again with the “rubber” but then we wanted a better feel (I mean flesh to flesh) so we had to go the natural way because it’s been ages we made love in that manner. It was superb as compared to the first one.

As usual on a slower pace, gradually increasing the tempo then into the “afterlife.” For the very first time, I didn’t tell him I couldn’t take it anymore as I often say it but this time around I asked for more, I didn’t want him to stop and he obeyed as he always does. He gave it to me very excellently. I came basabasa because it was sweeter than I imagined. Finally when he busted, the feeling was made complete, my boyfriend is a real gem. I Love Him WEIH😘😘.

He’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I really appreciate him.❤️❤️❤ He’s one of the silent readers on your page so I know he’ll surely see it.️.
It was indeed an interesting “Incidence with my boyfriend.”

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Written by Abena Magis

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