I’m Torn Between both Girls


I have a girlfriend I mean a serious one indeed but something happened one day.
I went out during the Christmas holidays and met a girl I know already. She’s my neighbor.

We went out to have fun and wanted to go home but the girl wanted something from me with the way she was reacting. I’m a smart guy so I also noticed it.

Auntie Abena, by the time I realized I was in a hotel with this girl. She was so into me and ready for sex as if we planned it. Charlie she was looking hot and I had to spoil there you know. I can’t let that go waste.

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Hmm Auntie Abena the gal was good In bed, the styles way she carry gime err hmmm. Now she has fallen and I’ve also fallen.

I told her I’m dating already. Though she’s cool with me dating her in addition, I can’t contain both of them. I can’t choose one either and need advice on whom to choose.

From Nana

Please I need help.

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Written by Abena Magis

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