I’m Too Fertile, Can I Sell It?


Good evening. I am a silent follower and reader on your page but I need urgent advice on a very dicey issue I am facing. I am a simple man with complex problems. I was married but got separated last year.

I had no child in my marriage of four years before it collapsed but the issue is that, before my marriage and after it collapsed any lady I date becomes pregnant within a few months. As I write now I am battling with doubt because of another pregnancy.

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I don’t know what’s actually wrong with me and I can’t tell why my wife and I weren’t able to give birth (we lost three pregnancies). I have been thinking lately and I have concluded that since I seem very fertile I should start trading my sperm for money.

I want your audience to advice me on what to do and I want to know if there is anyone experiencing same thing like me. Thanks.

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Written by Abena Magis

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