I’m Tempted To Disown My Wicked Father

Hello Auntie Abena. Please good morning. I’m writing this with so much pain in my heart. I feel so bitter and regret being born to this world. Why am I saying this?

According to my mum when she gave birth to me, my dad wasn’t around and she was at her mum’s end. So my dad came in two weeks time and my grandma said she had spent ¢20.00 (twenty thousand in the old currency) which is now GH¢2. According to my mum, my dad got angry that my grandma wanted to deceive him and take his money because he didn’t want to believe she really spent that amount of money. He didn’t pay the money and left.

Since then he never stepped his foot there till when I was in form one JHS. He came that he wanted to come and take me to where he was then living but my mum insisted he should meet my grandma before since she was no more living in the same town with granny. He gave me ¢20 and left, that was all, he never returned.


He’s Calling Me Selfish Because I Didn’t Give Him Money

I came to Accra to seek for some work to do and someone said he’ll take care of me in school since I’m brilliant. I called my dad several times but this man said he doesn’t know me. At a point, the man asked me to call my father so that he could talk to him. My father would pick the call alright but would pretend he doesn’t know what you’re talking about so we just allowed him. We spoke with my mum and everything was okay.

I started the school but when I got to form two second term, I started to encounter problems with the one taking care of me. I went to my mum’s place back in the village, she didn’t have the means to support me but God made a way and I was able to come back to continue my education.

When I got to form three, I sent my dad a text message and he started calling me so when it was time for the registration, I called him to informed him about it only for him to tell me that “eei na hundred and sixty cedis deɛ mekɔfa no wɔhe?” (Where am I going to get this money from). Hmmmm. He never gave me the money and I also left it like that.

My issue is, I’ve completed SHS since 2018. I used to teach in a private school and was able to rent a single room. So when this COVID issue came, I decided to learn fashion designing since I wasn’t able to further my education. I did it for some months but I couldn’t complete due to personal reasons, now I’m home.

I told my dad that I really wanted to do the fashion so he should please support me and he promised to give me GH¢2000 since I wanted to buy an industrial machine and start at a new place. I was soo happy when he said that and patiently waited for him. Now he used to call me most of the time and his only question was “where’s my in-law? I want to see my in-law. I want to talk to my in-law.”

There’s this guy that I’ve been friends with and he’s been showing interest in me though we haven’t started anything yet. I introduced him to my dad and he asked for his number. The guy said my dad used to call him and all that. Then yesterday, my dad called to tell me that I should take the money he said he’ll give me from the guy🤔 not as if he’s joking oo. That since he’s interested in me, he’s the one supposed to pay for my career 😡😠

Please how’s that possible? I’ve been crying since yesterday because I can’t go and ask any money from this guy. I feel like disowning my dad. After all there’s nothing he’s doing for me. I want to go back and work for a while to get the money and start my fashion 😭😭 I’ll be 24 years next month 25th. Please I’m sorry for the long post.

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Written by Abena Magis

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