I’m Stuck in Cote D’Ivoire Because of QNET


Good morning. Hope all is well with you. Please I need your help because I’m stuck here in Cote D’Ivoire because of QNET that a friend introduced me to.

My problem is that I met this friend of mine last year in my now former company. We were all drivers. A few weeks to the lock down he stopped coming to work.

Later on, he used a different number (a Cote D’Ivoire number) to WhatsApp me. I asked him why he stopped the work. His reply was he had to travel to Cote D’Ivoire because he’d gotten the opportunity to work with DHL. I then asked him if I will also get a chance there. He told me he will talk to his boss to see if he could secure a place for me.

A week later, he called me through WhatsApp and told me he’s been able to talk to the boss who said I will get the chance but it comes with a price. I asked what he meant by that and he told me I was supposed to pay GH6000.

I initially told him I don’t have that money and I didn’t know where to get that because I am an orphan and my family don’t really care about us (me and my siblings) but he told me I should try my best. That he’s also going to help me out. (I was told that GH6000 was for my accommodation, my international passport, international driving license and other documents)

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I told him I will try and see what I can do. He later asked me to send my CV and a picture of my driver’s license to a certain email which I did. After I sent it, I informed him and he told me in order to speed up the whole process I should send GH200 to him. He was going to give it to his boss but I was able to send half of that money to him .

On the 28th of September, I had a call from Cote D’Ivoire. The caller told me I had been offered the job so I should be in their office on the 3rd of October. I called my friend and informed him that I have been called by his people. The time I was given reached. Unfortunately, I wasn’t having the money so I sent GH1500 to my friend. I told him to tell his boss that I will be there the following week.

The following week, I left for Cote D’Ivoire without the rest of the money. I wanted to see if they could allow me to work so that later I pay them. When I got here my friend told me they won’t agree to that so I have to make sure I get the money.

I returned back to Ghana and borrowed money from people then came back to Cote D’Ivoire again. When I went to their office with my friend to make the payment I didn’t see any DHL Logo around so I asked my friend what’s happening. He told me to calm down as that’s not a main office but just an agent’s office where you make your payment. After the payment was made, I was made to know that I was still left with some Gh200 to finish my payment. They said the value of the CFA had gone high.

We came back home. After four days of trying hard but not getting the money I told my friend that if because of just that GH200 I wouldn’t be allowed to work then I will have to return. The following day, I had a call from his so called boss. He told me to come to the office with my friend only for them to tell me that they’re into network marketing. They’re working with QNET.

I kept my cool. After the presentation I told them I am not interested so I want my money back. Now, they’re telling me they’ve already placed an order so I have been registered. That for them to do the cancellation, it’s going to take them 60 days to do that.

Auntie Abena, I nearly stabbed my friend last two days ago but, thank God I was able to control myself.

I need any of your fans who works or knows anyone that works with the Ghana police service (interpol department). I need help to retrieve my money back because I can’t do this alone. I am sorry for the long story. Please I should be unknown. I’ll provide my contact through you to anyone who can help.

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. Hmmm this QNET people. I have a story to tell too.
    I was in a car to Accra one day.
    They was this lady seated right beside me. We had a little chit chat and the next minute she wanted my contact. I readily gave my contact to her only for her to start calling me all day long.
    About a week after our meeting she called me again that she had come back to town(withheld) and that she needed to meet up with me. I agreed and we met. She introduced alot of products to me as well as showing some videos about QNET. As curious as I was I ask her to explain more and what was required to be enrolled and to my surprise she said I needed to pay 4000 cedis. It gave me the impression that they might be scammers because after you pay ude have to recruit people of which people you recruit have to also recruit people and each will have to pay the said amount before you get paid.
    I told her I will think about it and refused to return nor answer her calls . She calls everyday anyway. So my question was if this was real, then why would she be calling me every now and then to forcibly recruit me even when she knows I am not interested. Talking with her she gave a lot of revelations of which I got to know she was dieing inside but because she had committed herself she could do nothing about it. We should all beware and not follow money for appearances they say is deceitful.

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