I’m Stuck Between the Three


???? I’m a top fan of your page and will want to share a story which I will need your fans advice ????I have three girls I’m seeing. I love them all but one’s loves is exceptional. Two are daughters of authorities in our county. Among those two I love one more than the other but sometimes it swings and I get to love the other lady too but at the end I will still choose her over them all.

Seriously I feel like ending it all but the more I try to stay away, the more they push harder to stay. They don’t stress me neither do I. They want nothing from me so do I ???? I mean material stuff. They’re all submissive and very respectful and I see the woman I want in them all but now I want to choose one for myself????

What do you and your fans think I should do? Please keep me anonymous ????Among these girls, it was first one that I approached, the other two came in by themselves.

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Written by Abena Magis

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