I’m Stuck Between Papa No and the Young Guy


???????? Social media has always been a blessing in my life. I’m a young girl of 20 years and very hardworking but I want your fans to help me out because I don’t know what to do.

There’s this noble man I met on FB. He’s very rich but he’s the “Papa no” type (older man). He’s very very kind. I’m not doing anything for him but he pays me every month. It’s not that I’m not working ooooh. Auntie Abena, I’m doing 2 jobs at the same time but I’m still taking his money and saving it properly for future use.

I want to continue my Tertiary level of education but I simply don’t have anyone in my family to help me out. I informed this man to help me continue my education and promised to do it for me and said whenever the forms are out, I should contact him. He’ll give me money to do everything.

At the same time too, I met a young man on FB. He’s very successful but has a child. According to him, he’s not married but he’s very lovely. He also takes care of me and doesn’t know I’m doing 2 jobs at the same time. He doesn’t know that I’m helpless.

I fell in love with him because of his child. He’s very very responsible but my problem is should I go on with the Papa no to Change my life completely or I should go on with this young man and tell him what I’m going through? Auntie ???????????? I know I’m very young and I shouldn’t rush in life but my family is not helping me.

5here’s no other way Auntie Abena, the Papa No can change my life completely by putting me through school but terms and conditions are applied.

Written by Abena Magis

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