I’m Still Paying the Loans After Our Divorce


Good evening. Please I want to tell my story. I’m also a victim of dating for loans because my husband compelled me to take a loan for him. Loans upon loans. I am still paying for the loans though we are divorced.

I’m a midwife, currently a midwifery officer but because of loans I took for my then husband in the past, I have little left. I am still paying for those loans. My take home pay is nothing to write home about. My then husband got himself into some bad deals, I mean illegal business. He deceived me and told me lies upon lies.

I also foolishly believed him and he cunningly convinced me to take a lot of loans for him. My family were against it but I felt he was my husband so I needed to help. He also made it look like I was his only help. He had used his house and cars as collateral.

I later found out it was an illegal business. Now, I am the one suffering and still paying for his sh*t. He called me ungrateful even after I had to sell my land and the house I was building.

Now I am free of all his lies. God willing I will finish one of the loan next year February. Ladies be wise, enough is enough.

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Written by Abena Magis

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