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I’m So Scared to Love Again 😭

Good evening Auntie Abena. Please post me anonymous thank you, I have some personal issues and I am really dying emotionally out of love. I am even sacred to love again.

It’s really been 4 years now since I and my ex girlfriend separated from each other. I was really in love with her so when she insisted on knowing my parents, I took her to my mum. My younger brothers knew her very well so after the introduction to my family, I also got to know her family which is her brothers and sister

She was then an SHS graduate when we met and fell in love. As a young man I told myself that I don’t really need a housewife because she’s also having a potential which she needed to bring them out. We met and discussed about the the issues and she told me she wanted to be a nurse. We both agreed and I told her I will support her because she would soon be the mother of my children.

Then all of a sudden, she called me one afternoon and told me she wanted to do a 6 months pharmacy course. I agreed to support her financially by paying her school fees and even paid the graduation fee ahead on time in order to avoid inconveniences.

During that 6 months course, I noticed some changes in her attitude and I became very sacred because she was behaving strangely

I could call her the whole week, the whole month and she would never pick up my calls nor return them back so one day I confronted her. To my surprise, she told me that she wanted to be alone. At that moment I began to shift, sweating like never before. I asked her, “what have I done to you?” She told me I hadn’t done anything wrong to her but she has decided to be alone. I asked her so after supporting her dream come true financially is that how she is paying me back mmmm 😭😭😭

So after the break up I tried to give it a second thought but it is not working out for me as I want all because am scared to love again oooo. So what should I do now? Please I really need advice ooooo mmmm because I really find it very difficult to fall in love again😭😭

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Written by Abena Magis

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