I’m Scared to Tell Him I’m Not His Daughter


I know I’m paying my father’s love with evil but I’m scared what will happen if he knows I’m not his biological child.

I’m the last child of my parents and the only girl out of 3 kids. Dad always wanted a girl and though he loves my brothers, the love he has for me is special that everyone knows it. Mum has always been jealous because dad takes me out more than he takes the whole family, buys me gifts and I was the first child he took outside before taking my brothers.

My friends and I because of the quarantine, decided to do a project on family trees. I did secret DNA and I’m not his child. I asked mum and she nearly beat me up. She threatened to destroy the results if she sees it and is no longer talking to me, calling me the demon sent to destroy her marriage (me? Eii maa ????????)

My worry is telling dad means no fees and no taking care of me. It means destroying our home because dad will make sure he tests my other brothers. You should have been there when Odartey, the footballer’s issue with his wife came up. Dad was so angry with the wife.

How do I keep quiet over my mum’s betrayal? Will he ever forgive me if he finds out one day? How do fathers in such circumstances relate with their kids? Do they disown them? Does it mean he’ll no longer be my father? I’m heartbroken ????????????

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. My dear just keep it . Telling your dad will take a different trend which will destroy the family all. Who knows if you were swp by the nurses since your dad wanted a female child and your mom had to do anything to keep him happy. Don’t reveal anything to your dad to jeopardize the whole family

  2. I think you should tell your dad in secret, if he wants to do a DNA with your brothers, he has to do it in secret before exposing the truth. That hatred he will get is not yours but mom’s. If not now, later in life he would find out eventually. So dear don’t hide it

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