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I’m Scared to Give My Former Crush a Chance

Aunt Abena good evening Please sorry to bother you at this time, Hope you are doing well and God bless you for creating this noble platform. Hmm. I have a son who is barely 2 years from my past relationship.

There was this guy who showed interest in me way before meeting my baby daddy. I didn’t accept him because I felt he was joking because he is the shy and cool type. We lost contact for the past 5 years. Hmm Aunt Abena this guy came to my house in the middle of last year that he had been looking for me and a whole a lot.

I told him my current situation that I have a son from my past relationship and that the father of my son didn’t take responsibility from day one. I didn’t say all that for him to have pity though because by God’s grace I have a well paid job and I can take responsibilities for my son any day/anytime.

The issue is this guy says he wants us to start going out and that he wants to marry me this year. Please I am scared to fall in love again and for the fact that I didn’t accept him in the past what shows that he is real? I’m confused Aunty Abena please post this and keep me anonymous Thank you for your usual support.

I haven’t accepted his proposal yet but we are the normal friends we used to be. Aunt sometimes I ask myself if this is a dream because eii. He cares for my son like his own. Last week for instance my son was sick and was admitted. Hhm this guy was with us the whole time after work and running errands. I have made him know my fears and all but he says he is for real and that if I accept him, he will inform his family and meet my mine to make it official because his intentions are clear.

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Written by Abena Magis

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