I’m Scared They’ll Reject Him


Good morning. I’m dating but I’m worried my parents will reject him.

I once dated a trained government teacher but my parents turned him down.

Just recently, I met a guy at my former church that I was fellowshipping before I relocated and joined another branch. We’ve been friends on Facebook for sometime now. He proposed which I have accepted but there’s a problem.

I’m a nurse (awaiting posting) and he works with his brother at Abossey Okai where they sell car spare parts. He’s a nice looking young man and a very devoted member at our church (former) and I really like him

He has proposed marriage but I’m scared my parents wouldn’t accept him because even my ex who was a government trained teacher was rejected not to talk of one selling spare parts with his brother.

My mum always says she wouldn’t allow any ordinary man to come and marry us (4girls). I’ve accepted him but I’m so confused. What do I do?

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Written by Abena Magis

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