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I’m Scared My Neighbor Will Rape Me One Day

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Good evening. I have a little issue and I need advice from people. My husband and I stay in a compound house together with our son. We live in a single room and tenants’ bath house is just behind the house. We’ve lived here for some years. There is this man who also stays in the house with his wife and three kids. Anytime I go to the bathhouse to bath, he will immediately stop whatever he’s doing and rush to the bathhouse.

This is because my bathroom stall is opposite his and anytime he enters his bathroom, I can see him stretching his neck trying to peep at me in the bath house. When he takes his bath before I do and I am going to bath, he’ll pretend to be making a call and move to the bathroom to make the call there.

I felt uncomfortable and complained to my husband about it but he only told me that it’s nothing. He won’t do anything to me and that this is Ghana, even if I tell the police they wouldn’t do anything about it. This went on for a whole year and I kept complaining to no avail.

There was a time I went to pick water from the fridge and I saw him standing by their door, trying to peep into my room. That evening I spoke to my husband about it and as usual he said the same thing. When the man realised I started making noise in the room and telling my husband about it all the time, he decided to stop following me to bathroom.

Now he has started a different strategy where anytime I go to the bathroom and he is in his room, he will immediately rush and go and sit on a bench near their bathroom. This too, I keep complaining about it to my husband but he keeps telling me I can’t tell anyone because I don’t have any proof. Now I feel the man is a threat to me because if there’s any chance he will definitely do something. He’s a man and I don’t want to do anything that I will regret later so what should I do please?

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Written by Abena Magis

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