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I’m Scared My Military Boyfriend Might Have Infected Me with STD

Abena, please can your fans please advise me. Please no insult. I met this military guy when I went to write an exam. I was then staying with a family member who was a police woman in Koforidua. I met him there whenever he was off duty but not knowing, he always sneaked from barracks after duty and would leave at dawn to the next duty.

He told me his interest in me. At first, I didn’t agree and it took a long time before I agreed. I was single so I decided to accept (not because of his work though). I have my own work and I am an independent lady so any time he comes and lodges at a hotel and asks me to cook jollof for him, I’m do so with my own money without taking a pesewa from him.


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I have never taken a pesewa from him because I don’t ask guys for money unnecessarily. The day I was leaving Koforidua, he told me to wait at the station for him before I go. I waited and he came late and told me we should spend the night at a hotel so that I leave the next day. I agreed and when we went, this guy f**ked me like I’m a machine. My thing got sore, he went to Daddy’s Bar, came back and continued. That night I slept in pain. The next morning too he continued. He uses force too o and only uses one position, missionary.

The next day when I was preparing to leave after he having 6 rounds with me, I cried. What pains me is I paid for the hotel fees and he took another money from me saying he will return it when he gets paid. When he was bathing, I did something. I took his small phone and saw some messages. He switched off his smart phone all this while saying he didn’t want disturbances. I kept the phone with me and waited for him to get ready to take me to the station and leave.

I saw more than six different ladies contact and messages. I only got interested in one of the ladies who wrote that she was pregnant. When I got home, I chatted her, she was very patient and we chatted like sisters. She told me that the day, I left she met my guy at the same hotel. He slept with her too which means after all the 6 long rounds with me, this guy was not satisfied. I asked him and he denied. When I’m on call with the lady, he will call and tell me how much he loves me then he’ll call her and say the same thing.

Two days later, I felt some unusual itching and burning sensation in my lower regions. The pregnant lady too complain of the same thing. I had cuts in my vjay. I really suffered. I am scared of STDs. I am still chatting him because I wanted my money back and block him. I’m also scared I might pregnant.

As for the lady, she said she might miss her period and we’re both scared. I threatened to report him at the barracks if he don’t return my money. I called him today but he sounded sick. He said it’s malaria but I know something is wrong. I’m now trying to gather money and go for an STD test. As for the lady, she is a student.

So far, I’ve been able to treat candida but I’m still not feeling well. I’m so scared and depressed. I hate him to the deepest. He is sleeping around with other innocent victims moving around Koforidua town with his military card and luring girls. He is just a young guy. I have messed up. I hope and pray that when I go for the test everything will be fine. Please ladies, we should all be careful.

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Written by Abena Magis

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