I’m Scared I Might Be Carrying Twins


How do I even start? I met this young guy right after polytechnic in 2014. He showed interest in me but I ignored him. He had already impregnated a lady who gave birth to twins before I met him.

He never gave up on me after I ignored him. He persisted but I still ignored him.
In 2016, he got married (only did Engagement for the woman) and she too gave birth to a set of twins. In spite of it, he kept on worrying me. In 2019, the wife got pregnant which was quadruplet but lost one so in total he has 4 boys, 3 girls.


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Fast forward, I got a job which was closer to his workplace. Our bond became so tight. We sometimes went for lunch together and I developed much love for him. One thing led to the other and we began a romantic relationship. We started having a lot of unprotected sex mostly during my free period. In fact he is very good in bed. I now understand why a lot of women like Ewe guys.

Hmmmm, I am in deep trouble right now.
I missed my period and went to check. I am a month pregnant. I told him I want to terminate the pregnancy and he is telling me I would die if I do so. He said abortion is not done in their clan. As I am typing I don’t know whether I am carrying a child, twins, triplets or quadruplets. I am really confused and don’t know what to do

He insists he would take care of the child irrespective of the number in my womb. He said he would marry me if I am willing to be a second wife. I am currently working and earning just 700 cedis ($115) a month. I’m scared if I am carrying twins or triplets, I might not be able to take care of them. Hmmmmm please I need your advice.

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Written by Abena Magis

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