I’m Not Excited About the Marriage


Good morning πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜” Hmmmm l am soo confused right now and l want manofans to help meπŸ˜” though l have to take a decision but I’m confused.

I met this guy, Kwabena, somewhere 2017, he told me he wants to have a relationship with me which he wished to marry me if God permits. I accepted his proposal not because l loved him but because he was caring, loving, humble, Respectful and God-fearing, I’ve seen how dedicated he is towards the work of God. He mostly comes home to give my mom some provisions even when l am not around. My mom was very fond of him. Infact my mom likes him a lot. Along the line l wasn’t hearing from him again until I found out he was in Canada working.


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He came down after the work contract expired because the company he was working with sent him there on contract basis so he had to come back after the contract has expired. He came home to see me when he got down. Again he had the opportunity to go again on schooling basis. Along the line he got in touch with me.

Now to the part l want your help from Manofans. This guy arrived in Ghana on 12th November but I didn’t see him till last week when he told me he will come home. 4 days ago he proposed marriage to me which I accepted and l was happy. Then just yesterday, he told me he wants us to get married this December because he will go back the 2nd week in January.

Ɛnuanom ne adofo (my beloved) the whole marriage thing doesn’t excite me koraaaa. I was happy when he proposed marriage but the way he is pressuring me for the marriage doesn’t excites me..I had a one on one conversation with him where I told him we need to go into counselling. The church will then give us a date. Apart from that, we need time to plan the marriage. He said he knows all that but his time is limited, and since he is not coming back anytime soon, he wants us to get married, get the marriage certificate so he can start the paperwork as early as possible for me to join him there.

He said he is financially ready, he will pay for everything so l shouldn’t worry about money, any dream wedding I wish to do, he is ready and he can afford it. We met my pastor yesterday but he said we need to go through the processes before we can marry in church. He said l shouldn’t rush in making any decisions.

Ever since l knew him, we’ve never had sex till now because he believes in marriage before sex. Please manofans don’t insult me wae I beg, I need your advise. Help a sister.

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Written by Abena Magis

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