I’m Married but We Did a Blood Oath



Please I need an advice from the good family. Kindly keep me in the shadows will read the comments. So I’m a married man with two young boys and we’ve been married for 5 years. Fast forward, my wife seems not to have interest in having sex with me and all moves seems to provoke her.

Before we got married, she cheated on me even when knocking was done and wedding plans was underway. I let go and went on to marry her. Now her actions doesn’t bother me because I met a very young lady I’m very much in love with. We have been going out for the past 7 months and all is good.

Before we started dating, she told me she had a guy but was willing to be with me as in just having but love has captured me. She claims same too. Sincerely I have plans for this lady because I feel she has helped me to easy my frustration as a man. The problem is the guy she is seeing seems to be full of pride and talks to her anyhow and hurts her.

Madam, this lady had courage to tell me she was into women also and that she needs my help to stop it. That it was her school mother who did it with her in SHS and sometimes hit her to get into it. To promise me she wouldn’t do women again she made a blood oath promise to me.

Since January she has had sex once with her boyfriend on his birthday.That was what she said though. Please she is very humble and good I can bet on this. I only feel maybe I’m not helping her because she is giving me too much attention than I need. Now she’s opened up to me about her secrets and promise me with a blood oath, would I be betraying her if I back out? Please no insults we all make mistakes to learn thanks. Will be reading.

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Written by Abena Magis

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