I’m Losing Another One [+ Screenshots]


Good day. Thank you for the good work you’re doing. Please I would want you to share this on your page for me because it’s bothering me and I find it difficult to draw a better conclusion for it. This is my third relationship and the same scenario is happening.

I love this lady of mine with my whole heart but she’s driving me crazy that if care is not taken, she might break me down. We’ve dated for two years now. She is a graduate just as I am and we’re both awaiting our postings. The id is she has a problem but she finds it difficult to tell me. She can go cold for days and even refuse my calls or texts for days.

Recently my old man passed away. I told her that since she has not met my mum before this is an opportunity for them to meet but she refused. Even though she comes around she has refused to go see her with me. She doesn’t share her problems with me, and had never asked for help directly unless I identify it.

What breaks my heart most is, last two years when she was on campus there was a little misunderstanding and I decided to visit her. Could you believe she refused to see me? It was her friend who came to see me through the rain. Not only that, she doesn’t feel comfortable when talking to me and her mum is around.

Just yesterday she started again. Check the text. In my previous relationship, a similar thing happened only for my ex to come back saying she didn’t break up with me. I’m afraid same as that may occur again. Should I move on or wait for her?

Written by Abena Magis

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