I’m In Love with My Wife’s Friend

I have a little problem which I need advice and counseling about. I’m  a married man with one kid as my wife delivered just this month.
The issue is, there is a lady colleague at my work place whom I have developed a very strong love for her in such a way that I can’t live a day without talking to her.  She used to cook for me in the absence of my wife. My wife was aware of this and didn’t have any issue with it. I haven’t proposed to her. I know very well that she will turn me down because of the kind of relationship between her and my wife.  She is like a sister to her and moreover she wants a guy for a relationship leading to marriage.
I don’t think she will accept my proposal but I want to tell her. Should I make my feelings known to her knowing she’ll turn me down? I want it off my chest. Please I need advice and not insults because any good advice will relieve me from this trauma.

Written by Abena Magis

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  1. Pls You married and that things shouldn’t even cross your mind. What has made loose interest in your wife .Find out and work towards it. Don’t be selfish that lady need a single guy for herself.

  2. Please bro, Don’t do what you’ll regret later focus on your marriage please and your unborn child support your family and make sure your woman is proud of you.
    See her as little sister and always advise her, by doing that i strongly believe you’ll come out from that situation.
    Thank you.

  3. You didn’t do well for allowing someone come between you and your was the devil’s snare to steal,kill and destroy you.Now,is good that you didn’t go far
    You alerted your wife about the help that lady was offering you by way of cooking so discuss with your wife about the unusual feeling you’re developing for the lady. Be transparent to your wife and fight together rather. Keeping this as a secret would worry you. Unveil to your partner but remember to take her advice and not to lean by your own understanding.
    Remember, 1corinthians 13 explains love in totality. Visit that biblical inscription and meditate upon it. I know the holy spirit will work in you. He makes us strong in our weakness.

  4. The grass is greener over there because you’re not watering yours properly… Don’t lose your marriage because of this lustful desires that have creeped into your mind because of the closeness you have with this 2nd lady….

  5. When the devil is setting a trap for you don’t you see it huh… Adultery is a devilish thing so please dont propose to her. Your marriage is in the presence of the Lord. Be careful!

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