I’m in Love with My Friend


Good day to you and your wonderful fans. I am a silent top fan of your page but I am in urgent need of an advice from your loyal fans. God bless you for the good work done.

To my main issue, I want to stay away from a friend I have feelings for. Kindly help a disturbed sister.

I have fallen in love with a male friend of mine and I wish to stop loving him and stay away from him. He is in a serious relationship and I know a bit about his lady. Even though I know he is going out and I can’t have him, I still can’t help myself from thinking about him every day.

I wish he could do something to hurt me so I use it as an excuse to stay away from him but I can’t find any. He is a gentleman, knows how to make me happy and is always so concerned about me. He checks up on me and has become very open with me. That makes it very easy to communicate with him.

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I can easily talk to him about my problems when sad, lonely or depressed. I don’t have friends who understand and relate naturally with me like he does. I wish to stay away from him so I can look at other people who have expressed interest in me, but I end up turning them down because of him. He knows I really like him as a good friend though.

Please family help a sister to be free from this one sided love I know I can’t have and, focus on myself.

NB: I recently broke up with my ex and during that time we didn’t know ourselves as friends.

He had nothing to do with my break up. My ex and I had our issues even before I met my friend through my mom. My ex cheated and I couldn’t forgive him. It’s my friend I have been talking to most of the time. I need advice in order to stay away from him without breaking our friendship or letting him know it’s because i have feelings for him.

I will be reading your comments. Please don’t insult me because I am going crazy thinking of what to do and how to get him off my mind and heart. Thank you.

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. Interesting. You rightly said you can’t have because he is going out. I’ll suggest you begin to find someone else to flow with. And gradually begin to stop some conversation you have with him. I think it’ll help. In the process, I’m sure, he’ll get to know you are gradually keeping him at arm’s length. Tell him the truth if he asks you.

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