I’m in Love With an Okada Rider, Mum Says No


Good evening to you and your fans. May God bless you for your beautiful work.Please keep me anonymous. Thanks. Auntie there’s this issue I want your mano family to help me with.

There’s this guy I’m dating and I really love him but my mom wants me to break up with him because of his work. Just because she thinks he is not my class. I’m a national service personnel and he rides okada. I’m not in the relationship for money or anything material as I genuinely love him.

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Mom wants me to marry someone at my level but it’s this guy I want. She keeps saying that I’m bringing myself lower by dating him, I love this guy too. He has dreams and aspirations that he is trying everything possible to achieve them.

Besides I personally believe that love is not based on class. This guy respects me, cares about me and always gives me advice. How do I convince my mom to allow me follow my heart?Thank you.

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Written by Abena Magis

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