I’m Giving Up on Love


I am deeply hurt. My ex and I dated for 9 good years and we broke up in the 10th year, that was 2019. I met someone after a year only to find out within a month that we both had AS genotype, our joy was short-lived.

Last year October, I met another guy. He was introduced to me by his mother who wished that her son marries me, we became good friends and we had sex just once (which was in November). I got pregnant and was so terrified that I had to call him and he suggested I flush it out. I thought about the whole thing and considered his suggestion.

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Immediately he asked me to come over, he took me to the hospital to run another test. While waiting for the result, he gave me a pill and told me it was too early to find ourselves in that situation, I agreed to everything because I love him and wanted him to love me back genuinely without tying him down with pregnancy.

I spent 48h ours at his place and he took good care of me in the process of flushing it out (it was 3weeks old) and he asked me to wait for him until he is ready to start going out (dating) since he is still trying to recover from his past relationship. Things became different this year.

He’s been acting strangely and when I confronted him, he apologized for being hostile and unfair to me. Then he asked me to make him one of my friends because he is still not ready and doesn’t know when he will be ready.

Auntie Abena, I thought I wasn’t ever going to weep over any guy again but I have been in this weeping state since the end of January. Should I just move on? Should I inform his mum about how everything went since she kept contacting me to find out how far our relationship has gone or what should I do? I will be 30 years this year. I think I am giving up on the thing call ‘love.’

Warmest regards

Written by Abena Magis

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