I’m Engaged but Cheated


Engaged and cheated…Pls, I need some advice! I don’t know if I’m ready for marriage. Me and my partner are expecting to marry soon. Abena I’m so confused ooh! Some days I love him others I don’t and his attitude for me is the same at times. We fuss a lot but never leave each other.

Things began going down hill which lead him to become very distant with me. I was very hurt with how he was treating me so I talked to him and tried fixing the things I could. Nothing changed, and he continued doing the same things I spoken to him about plenty. It made me become very depressed because I love him very much and I wanted us to be together. Time passed and he was careless with me.

Eventually an old friend of mine reached out to me and we began chatting. He invited me over to his place and he made me feel so special and fulfilled emotionally. He made love to me so good I felt we were the only on earth. After the affair I began to feel guilty and I stop chatting with the old friend. I felt so guilty that I cried for days that my fiancé was very worried he thought it was just stress. Time passed and I never spoken a word to my fiancé about the affair and I began loving him more.

Now I’m confused. I’m not emotionally attached and attracted to my fiancé the same anymore. I’m not right for what I done behind his back but what am I to do when I talk to him about his treatment towards me and he still doesn’t change? I have even broken up with him and tried explaining we should separate but he doesn’t take me serious. What should I do???

Written by Abena Magis

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