I’m Dating Two Friends and It’s Haunting Me


My boyfriend cheated on me with my own friend, the girl didn’t know we were dating though because he and I decided to keep it away from public. My friend had a sleepover at my boyfriend’s place and came over to my place the next day very happy that she has a new boyfriend. She told me about how their night was and everything and promised me she will introduce me to the guy soon.

I felt nervous and took her phone when she was asleep and saw she’d saved my boyfriend’s number ad ‘baby.’ I controlled myself till she left and later dealt with my boyfriend. Because I was moody he decided that we should go out, after explaining that my friend forced to visit him and that her boyfriend ain’t around so she couldn’t sleep outside. I was really hurt.

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We were then with some few friends of his and after we left, one of them somehow got my number and called telling me he loves me and wanna be with me. I then decided to let my boyfriend pay for hurting me by accepting his friend’s proposal. (Note: they all didn’t know we were dating but they knew we very close that one can’t stay a day without seeing the other).

So I started going out with his friend and OH YES! I got what I was looking for. My boyfriend came crying and begging me not to leave him. I never loved his friend though. Then this guy hacked my phone and got to know my boyfriend and I were actually seriously dating because he was suspecting us (me and my boyfriend)

Now the issue is, after he got to know he doesn’t want to let me go and my boyfriend doesn’t want to let me go too. His friend will call and start crying over how I’m treating him. I have been staying with my boyfriend since December ending and even now that I’m typing I’m in his room. I’m so scared I might cheat on him.

Seriously, life isn’t enjoyable for me now. I’m dying slowly and my boyfriend seems to be worried about my current situation and is now saying I should go and with his friend but will be saying words to hurt me after saying that peacefully. I can’t be with his friend too since I feel some pity for him. Having pity for him doesn’t mean I love him too. I’m now confused because I love my man. Please help a girl please. Thank you.

Written by Abena Magis

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