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Hello Aunty Abena,

I’m caught in a web. He is my pastor, I went to stay with him and his wife because of a church program. I noticed that my pastor becomes clingy when his wife is not around. When he calls me to their room, he will be asking me sensitive questions like, “are you still a virgin? Are you dating? Is the guy treating you like a queen as you are?”

I was like, “Daddy stop you are being carnal,” but then he will ask if I’m still a kid. He then started getting touchy with me but I couldn’t bring myself to talk about it because I dreaded the outcome. It continued for the 3 days I stayed there. I was able to talk to the senior pastor about it after the program.


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Thankfully he believed me and said sorry that he will handle it but I shouldn’t tell anyone especially the wife because as for infidelity she trusts her husband will never stoop low to commit. Well I thanked him for trusting me then I left. Then again, my pastor started texting me if I’ve not missed him. Asking me what I want if he visits us. If I need anything I shouldn’t hesitate to ask him.

The following week, he came to our branch to minister. He was all over me in my room during the night, touching me wherever I can be aroused, begging me to allow him that he will not penetrate but just want romance with me. During the day, we will be chatting as lovers but he will remind me to delete every single message. When I told him I’ve reported him to his spiritual father, he stopped.

His spiritual father has now issued a command that no lady should be allowed to the house as in staying there or going to help the wife. But the wife thinks the spiritual father is being hard on her because he allows us to visit the other pastors except them. She talks bitterly about him nowadays but I feel most guilty because I don’t have the courage to alert her that there is a fire in her house which the Spiritual father is trying to tame for her.

I’m on campus now and he has started texting me, he says he wants to make it up to me. He knows I want a laptop so he says I should come for one but I don’t know if I should go or shouldn’t. I’m scared it may be a trap. Agyeiwaa.

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Written by Abena Magis

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