I’m Biding My Time to Leave Her


Kindly share and let me get your readers’ perspective. I’ve been married for almost two years now with a child and I’m already out of it emotionally. I’m just biding my time to leave.

We dated for about a year before deciding to marry. I’ve always seen my wife as a supportive person, especially during our dating times. We’re both in our mid thirties.

I lost my job during the COVID period and as a result income has been negligible. I’ve been getting gigs here and there periodically as support but certainly not enough, aside applying for multiple opportunities. I have a master’s degree and over 10 years working experience.

My wife has all of a sudden become like a stranger to me. She’s become disrespectful, insults me and talks about anything negative. That’s her hallmark now. I can’t say everything here but I’ve taken a firm decision that absolutely NOTHING will make me stay in this marriage. I’d rather be single forever than be treated this way all in the name of marriage.

I’m just biding my time to get something going then leave. I know when I leave, the conversation will be I’ve left her because I’ve now found a better life. That’s when I’ll let my heart and emotions out. For now, I’m lying low.

Why am I writing this to you when I’ve made up my mind? It’s just to find out and understand why people change all of a sudden just because a partner’s situation becomes worse? I know marriage needs finance to work well but should that be a reason to disrespect your partner in so short a time? Especially when you know that he’s making so much efforts to solve the problem?

We sometimes don’t understand why some people leave their partners when things work out for them, but with this little experience, I can understand some of them.
Let’s be true to ourselves.

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. Please brother..could this circumstance turn out for your good to discover the other side of the lady you married..if you leave and remarry again..what is the probability that the next person could worst…have you talked you her about her current character and find other means to resolve it than leaving her…have you thought of the child

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