I’m Attracted to Women


Please hide my identity. I dated this guy for 6 years in Togo. I really loved him and he claimed he also did but I later found out that he had and affair with my cousin and she is even carrying his child. I left Togo to Ghana 3 years ago. But before then I used to work at a media house as a graphic designer and I had a a female friend who helped me through that situation

We became very close and I started developing feelings for her. I went to bed masturbation with her pictures. I did this for a year before coming to Ghana three years ago.
My problem now us I no longer find men attractive. I have developed a serious feeling for the same sex. I have turned down big men who where willing to help me. I still masturbate on regular basis but I really want to stop and I need help. Can you please share with your funs for help?
Thank you.

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Written by Abena Magis

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