I’m a Victim of Bad Advice


A couple of months ago, I observed my wife seriously reading ‘stuff’ on her phone late at night. I try to be the cool husband so I mostly try NOT to be bothered by it until I just couldn’t handle it so I had to peek. To my suprise she’s also a Manofan????.

I’m a student but I made coins on the side so when I was about to marry her 2 years ago, I told her that until I finish school, her life may not be all merry and rosy. She told me it wasn’t a problem. Truly, she was a God sent.

Last year, she paid most part of my fees and helped with the payment of our rent. She’s a government teacher by the way.
But few months before I chanced on her reading comments on Manos page, I noticed she’d ‘wised up’ about her finances.

I have never complained though because it’s her hard earned money and she has complete rights over how she uses it.
COVID has affected me greatly and hence the coins doesn’t flow like it should but she’s not having mercy on me.

The way she’ll frown if her monthly money doesn’t reach her usual fee. I try to do most of the chores to prove to her that I am NOT lazy but it’s the air that’s not friendly. She sees that as normal since apparently, every guy does it and some even do it more.

Sometimes, I have to take a loan to settle emergency stuff around the house and I feel like I am drowning. The moral lesson is, please my fellow manofans, especially the efooka among us, I know giving silly advices makes the group exciting but then some are killing relationships.

My wife’s actions tally with advice given on this page about those men who took loans from their wifes and don’t pay. And now, am suffering for it.

Aunty Abena, I would suggest that with every post, please try and give your final verdict on the advices given. That way, the damage or negative impact it will have in our homes will be minimal.




Written by Abena Magis

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  1. I seriously also think so… Unless you give your advice personally that we aren’t aware of. I think you should give your own advice too cos everyone just comes to post wat they think whether married or not without any proper basis. Some of the advices given dier… Not, not, not…

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