I’ll Kill My Son Because of His Father


God bless you for the good works you’ve been doing. I’ve been dating this service personnel guy for 3 years. When we started dating, I asked about his parents. He told me he’s not cool with them because, his father asked him to join some occultic group and he refused.

I was speechless when he told me that, so because of that, I didn’t say anything concerning his family again as he said, they hate him because of that.

Along the way, which is August 2019, I got pregnant. My initial plan was to abort the pregnancy but he told me not to do it otherwise that will be the end of our relationship. Because I loved him, I kept the pregnancy, and he was even happy..

When the pregnancy was 5 months, he told me his colleagues like gossiping so, he would rent for me to move in there and come back to his place after delivery. I agreed to it and he rented the room for me. After I moved into that new place, I did not set my eyes on him that whole December 2019.

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So January 7th 2020, I decided to go to the camp to ask why he’s not coming to my place. He told me because of the recruits, he’s not getting time. I came back home and waited for him but he didn’t show up too. March ending I went to my hometown to deliver. After delivery, I told him I’d given birth and thought he’ll come but he didn’t show up.

He regularly sent money for my upkeep and even sent me money to do Outdooring (Naming) for the boy because of the lockdown restrictions on movement. I was thinking that after the lockdown, he will come and take us back to Accra but he didn’t come.

In August, I decided to come back and when I came, I went straight to the camp to look for him only for me to find out that he’s no longer there. I asked of his whereabouts and was told by his colleagues that they didn’t know where he is. I called him and he told me, he’d moved to Spintex.

So I asked him if he’ll come to my place or he should direct me to come to his new place. Only for him to open his mouth to tell me that he has learned his lesson so, there’s no way he’ll show me where he’s staying. He’ll rather come to my place. I didn’t understand why but I didn’t say anything and went home.

I waited for one month but he didn’t come until one of his friends gave me one lady’s number to call and convince her to show me where he stays. I did call her and she took me there. When I got there, I knocked on his door. When he came out and saw me, he told me to wait for him outside but I said no. I can’t wait outside, he should allow me in.

He didn’t want me to until I forced and entered only for me to see another lady in his room. He told me in front of the girl that, he knows me but that was four years ago. That since I’m saying I have a baby for him, before he can do anything for the boy unless he conducts a DNA test. I was shocked and left.

I came home, went to Instagram typed his name and his brother’s picture and name too appeared. I chatted with him and asked for his number. I explained everything to him, and he also told his mom. The woman called and asked me to bring the baby to her place. I was soo happy but then a few minutes later she called me back and told me not to call her number again. That I shouldn’t come to her place too.

I was shocked and don’t know what to do now. I’m soo depressed and confused and because I’m from a poor background. I don’t have anybody to support me. I seriously need your advice if not I will murder the boy and myself because I am really suffering.

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. My dear leave everything to God. He is the best judge. You never know what your son will become. I nearly made my wife abort our first son went we were dating cus I was still in school then. But today I stand as a proud father to my son who is a head prefect of his school and has brought me luck and happiness. Killing him and your self won’t make life easier but judgement awaits you. Good luck

  2. No one knows when a king is conceived, my dear. Just bear in mind that our good Lord cannot give you a burden you cant carry. He is just preparing you for a greater height. So dont contemplate murder

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