If You Don’t Evade the Defenders Against You, You Can Never Reach Your Goals

“Using the Chelsea and Manchester City match as an example, you cannot do business without expecting enemies or challenges to come your way.” This statement was made by Hayford Nomorewalls, a prominent business analyst and consultant with businesses spread across the country and in several countries across the world, during the maiden Mano Women Empowerment Seminar.

He went on to explain that the mistake most entrepreneurs make is to focus on money when in actual fact, money is only a subset of the planning stages. The defenders in his lecture have to do with shyness and fear which prevents people from doing the business they want to do. There are so many women who feel shy of what their friends will say in doing certain businesses when in fact it’s those businesses they could benefit from.

He said, you don’t have to be an expert at something before you can sell it. For example, if you know a seamstress who doesn’t have time to advertise on social media, you can advertise them to clients as if you’re the one sewing, make sales and pay your seamstress friend. This strategy will help those who don’t have money to set up businesses by raising funds to later invest in their own production.

Some of the participants who were into various small scale businesses including shoemaking, soap making, sales of bed sheets and so many more shared their experiences while asking for further details on how to make their businesses grow. The over 30 participants were told they were qualified for loans with the least being GHS1000.

The first Mano Women Empowerment Seminar took place over the weekend at the SSNIT Hall, Adum-Kumasi. It is the first of many to take place across the country, organized by Abena Manokekame.

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Written by Abena Magis

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