I Wish He Would Help Me Out At Times.


You posted a story of a lady who said her boyfriend doesn’t help her out financially. Some empathized with her while others bashed her. I have the same issue.

I’ve been with this guy for 2 years and it has been going very well. When he met me I was working and didn’t ask for any sort of help or support.

Abena, since the pandemic I’ve been in and out of jobs. Anything I find I’ll do. I’ve been out of work for almost 5 months and this guy has never for once said use this to support yourself while job hunting.

Sometimes I get called for interviews and I don’t have transportation to go. I’ve decided to stop communicating with him like I used to. We talk every single and God knows how I manage to buy data and airtime.

But I’ve realized it’s not worth it. I now talk to him only when I buy airtime or data. When he asks why I’ve been away for a while I just say I don’t have credit and he doesn’t even send me some.

Hmm but I love him. I really do. Sometimes I try to overlook it but I don’t want to also have to regret marrying him.

Thank God I’ve gotten a job and I’ve made up my mind to look for another private business of my own. Now my job is my priority and I’m doing all I can to not ever be in this situation again.

I’m afraid when we get married I’ll have to beg him to provide for me as a wife and our children. So now, I want to shift my attention to my work and I can see it will affect the relationship. I’m just afraid this is how he is and is going to be even after marriage.

When he asks me if everything is okay I say yes. Sometimes when I’m talking to him there is this resentment and anger in me. It’s not like he doesn’t have oo. He drives a Venza and works for this big company.

He is very ambitious and even thinks what he is making is peanuts. Sometimes it’s not about marrying a rich man but rather marrying a good man. A rich man may not be a good man. But a good man irrespective of his situation will make sure his family is well taken care of without them asking.

I don’t know if I should continue or not. Do you think I should let him know why I’ve been behaving this way lately.

Some of us don’t want to appear needy or like beggars in a relationship. Abena I’m the shy type and I don’t know how to ask for money not even from friends. Only my dad and my siblings.

So guys sometimes chip in to help your woman. It’s not everytime that she’ll have to ask. As I’m typing I only have 24 cedis in my momo. I’ll start work hopefullly next week and I’ll have to borrow from MTN and use it to commute to and fro.

Eeeii enti salah bill na abɔ me sei?
We meeuuve…

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