“I Will Marry You, Let’s Meet” Scam


I also have similar thing to add to your earlier post about a group of guys using marriage to deceive some ladies bi nom. I nearly fell into their trap too oo but God saved me. I was there this last Friday when someone sent me a friend request. I accepted him and we started chatting that same day.

We later exchanged contacts and  his number appeared to be a Madagascar number (+261). Later in the evening he called me. He sounded like a white guy. We  talked saaaa and he asked me questions as to whether I am single or married. I told him everything he needed to know about me and he said he wanted marry me. I said ok.

Then he also said to me he will go for shopping tomorrow so what should he get for me. I told him anything. He then asked for my postal details and I sent it to him. Hmmm  auntie Abena, the next day that’s Saturday, he called to tell me he has a surprise for me. He sent me a picture of a box well packaged with my details on a receipt and from Delta courier delivery company. He said there was a diamond ring and $10000 (ten thousand dollars)? for me including some other stuff. ??

Immediately he told me that I knew it’s a scam but I said let me wait and see something. Early Monday morning, that’s yesterday, I had a call from one Alhassan telling me I have a package from them and I need to pay five hundred cedis on this number 0506000***. I can get my package. I then told him to show me his office and let me come there. He cut the line and that was all. I didn’t hear from him again and he has even  blocked me on top koraa. So please let’s all be vigilant ooo ladies please.

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Written by Abena Magis

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