I Was Abused As A Child and I Live With The Effects Still.


Aunty, thanks for the good job you are doing and God bless you for standing between the gap for most people…pls keep me unknown. Pls I need help from the manofans to help me understand something with an advise.

Truth is I was molested as a child. Being the first child too I was treated with so much pain because my parents were not ready for a child and I came in so you can just imagine.(ACCIDENT BABY) The agony I went through, this back and forth of my parents pushed me into the arms of some people who molested me and frankly speaking I was so scared to tell my mum especially because it normally happened when I visited her.

I was abused by my mum physically; always beating me till I was near to death. Hmm as for child labor deɛɛɛ it was nothing to her koraaa. ???????? NOTE I was around 5yrs and it continued till I was 12yrs. This has affected me EMOTIONALLY. Sadly I am 30yrs now and I find it difficult to forgive my parents. Well they are not together again tho. Apart from not having any affection for them, oh aunty, I have been with a couple of men hoping to find someone who will love me but I can’t seem to find LOVE!!

Nothing hurts than almost everyone who comes in as a female or male friend just leaves my life without a word. Hmmm this has made me have low self-esteem and always crying. Sorry for my long post… pls keep me posted will be reading comments.

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