I Want To Wait For Her Because I Love Her.


Please kindly keep me anonymous. I want help from your fans. I’m not a type of guy who’s a womanizer though I’ve dated twice but they all didn’t work out for me so I moved.

Last year around September a friend introduced me to a lady who came to visit her sister in our vicinity. And because my friend doesn’t want any guy to propose to the girl he linked me to the lady so that she will not be bored when my friend is not around.

They were in the same house together because that’s where the sister was staying but I was living around that area but not in the same house with them.

Somewhere around December I fell for the lady and I was feeling shy to tell her because I asked myself that if I tell her and she doesn’t accept me, our friendship will not work again.

This is because I will feel shy talking to her again and I don’t want it that way but I got the vim and I told her about my feelings. She said she is not ready now so if I can hold on for her to complete school. She’s in her final year in one of the nursing colleges in Ghana and I accepted to hold on and wait for her.

My issue is that sometimes I can call her and she will be on phone talking to someone for almost an hour and when she calls back she will tell me she was talking to her friends.

Recently I suspected she is dating some guy bi but she told me he is her friend and nothing is going on but she can talk to the guy for hours. She even called the guy for me to talk to him the last time we met but I still don’t believe it.

I’m into ministry so I’ve told her we can’t do anything unless we marry and she has agreed with that one too…. This is the same thing I told the other ladies when I was dating them but they didn’t accept it that way and cheated on me.

So I’m asking if I should move on with my life or I should wait for her because I love her and I want to marry her in the near future.

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