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I Want to Tell The Truth About My Cheating but My Worry is How It’ll Affect My Wife

Hello auntie Abena, good morning to you and manofans. Please I want you and manofans to help me on this one. Though the story is very long but I’ll try to make it short as possible.

About 4 to 5 years ago I helped a friend to travel abroad in my own little way. Though he did not inform me of his intentions of traveling, I later got to know through his girlfriend when he reached his destination. He then promised to pay back whatever I spent on him but I decided to let it go because I realized he just got there and things were really hard for him and his girlfriend back here in Ghana.

This increased the bond between him and I and through that I grew closer to his girlfriend with no bad intentions because I was also seeing someone by then (we are married now). Fast forward, it got to my birthday and this girl invited me to her house and the unfortunate thing happened.

Honestly, I won’t say she seduced me because I had the chance to say no to her approaches or better still just walk away from her house but I just couldn’t resist her body and we had sex. This thing troubled me to the point that, my fiancée began to suspect me and I had no option than to tell her everything and ask for her forgiveness. It wasn’t easy though but, she found a good heart to forgive me.

Then few weeks later, this girl called me again and told me she was pregnant. This one was a very tough decision for me because I didn’t want to break my girlfriend’s heart for the second time. I didn’t want to hurt my friend (her boyfriend) too. The only option was to abort the baby but this girl resisted the idea to the extent that I had to convince her for many days before she finally accepted to take the drugs I bought for her.

Three months after the abortion, she called again that she was having complications with her menstrual circle and a whole lot. I had to spend a huge amount of money, close to GH¢10,000 on her (at the blind side of my fiancee) to see doctors and other herbalist with her. It even got to a point that I had to sell some of my home appliances just to support her. Later in the year 2020, my friend came back and they got married. She couldn’t invite me, my friend did but I couldn’t attend their wedding because I was very busy that week at work.

After their wedding, I thought I was a free man. I started planning towards my marriage and she somehow it. She then came to my house with another thing that after my friend got married to her, they had had 4 miscarriages. This made her husband start suspecting her before he left back to abroad so she had to use the money (about GH¢7000) in their account to get medical attention.

She later realized she was making a mistake because her husband was not around to verify if the drugs she had been buying were working or not. According to her, the issue was that her husband was asking for the money because he was about to start building his house. This time I told her I would see what I can do.

I later sat down, thought about it and realized that all this while, I was acting out of cowardice to the point that, all this while I had never asked for her lab reports and other questions just to prove or confirm that she was indeed facing complications. I also realized that maybe there was no pregnancy in the first place. I decided not to dance to her tune this time around. Anytime she asked me for money, I will be giving her stories.

I remember one day she told me the masons working on the building were in and her husband had asked her to cash out the money for some stuffs. I told her I don’t have any money on me because it was some months to my wedding. She later called and said she had borrowed from a friend and was waiting for me to pay her.

Auntie Abena, can you imagine that this girl was no more talking about the complications again but rather asking for the money she used from her husband without my knowledge? I told her after my wedding that I don’t have any money for her and whatever she wants to do, she can go ahead because I felt it was a blackmail. She went to my mom and told her that I came to borrow GH¢9000 from her and she’d told me it’s for her husband but I didn’t want to pay back.

Auntie, my point here is that I want to let out everything about this whole issue but I’m just thinking about the reputation of my wife, my friend and myself. What do I do? Please advise me.

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Written by Abena Magis

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