I Want to Take My Boyfriend On – Do I Have a Case?


Good morning. I need your advice. I have a daughter with a guy. According to him he said his parents don’t like me so he can’t marry me of which I don’t have any problem. For 3 years now I’ve been living with my mum so recently I discussed with him to rent for us and he said okay.

I found a room and told him the amount but he said he can’t afford it. I looked for 3 separate rooms still the same thing. Although I work, I’m on break now since schools are vacating so for close to two months I haven’t been booked. Last two days he called me that he has found a room for me, I went with him to check and it’s a little room with shared toilet and bath.

I know how tenants in Kwadaso are since that’s where I’ve been living all my life so I said I don’t want that particular room. I woke up this morning only to find a long message being sent to me. I want to take him on, do I have a case?

“Hello, considering the type of accommodation you want, I don’t think you would expect me to have any money even for Christmas. You don’t have an iota of pity for me as you think it’s your right. You were correct in saying I’m renting for Carol. So if I’ve gotten one for Carol why do you insist on going for the relatively expensive one? Things are hard nowadays and it will be difficult for me to raise this money. Moreover, who will foot the bills as you ain’t working according to you?

All these should be taken into consideration and not your personal comfort as we are all managing. If you insist on that apartment, no problem, just that I can’t raise GHc4,800 for now, so if you have an amount to add, you can do so, then you’ll have your apartment.

Good nite”

This is the message my boyfriend sent last night.

Written by Abena Magis

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