I Want to Punish My Girlfriend

Good afternoon. You are doing a great job. Since I joined your page there’s a lot I have learned. God bless you. Here lies my case which I want your fans to help me and I will be reading comments. I’m a guy of 29 years dating a lady of 25. We started dating 3 years ago. I told her recently that we have been together for a while so I needed to meet her parents and start to arrange for our wedding ending of this year.

My issue right now is my lady wasn’t giving me attention and the only excuse was she’s busy with work work work that’s why she didn’t have time. I understood her it so I didn’t force her to cook, wash or do anything for me. She started acting funny just recently and I found out that she was cheating on me with a guy in her church.

She visited the guy last week Saturday, came to my place on Sunday and left Monday morning to work. She comes to my house late night only. She comes around 9pm, 10pm or 11pm in the evening and come to my house day time da. I haven’t cheated on this lady because I stayed faithful to her.

We had issues about that guy before I found out about her cheating. I thought she will stop but she’s still doing the same thing. I called my woman last week Tuesday evening and she was on phone for almost 2 hours so I used a different number to call her. When she answered, I ask her whom she was talking to that she couldn’t see that I was calling her. She only told me she’s on phone so she will call me back. She never did.

So when she came to my place Sunday, I was smelling something fishy so I opened her phone chats and saw that she’d been chatting this same guy and exchanging love messages. I took the guy’s number without her knowledge and on Tuesday, I called him to find out if what I was thinking was true.

I really knew he was the one so I interrogated him with a few questions that does he know the lady. He said yes, she’s his girlfriend so I went ahead to ask him how long they have been dating and he said more than 1 year. After answering few questions he asked me who I was and I said I’m his girlfriend’s other boyfriend. I’ve been been dating for 3 yeas and were about settling down this year ending.

He was shocked and he asked, “really?” because our girlfriend told him I’m her ex and rather forcing myself on her to come back. Then he said he wasn’t convinced so when the lady comes to my end, I should call him so he speaks to her. I said okay. I wasn’t myself and didn’t want to allow the girl to come to my place so I rather went to her house just to call the guy so he speaks to her. I called him and put the phone on loudspeaker but later he hanged up and didn’t want to talk.

The girl also told me to hanged up. I then left her house to mine. On my way I knew she will call the guy to ask him a few questions so whiles going, the guy called me and asked what did I tell the girl. I told him that I said exactly what we discussed. He told me he wanted to get some things clear. That what I told him about the girl coming to my place on Sunday was a lie. I told him that okay if I’m lying then I can take a picture of the dress she was wearing.

There norrr the girl said I’m disgracing her in front of someone I didn’t know. I didn’t know the guy put me on conference so the lady was on it was listening to what we were saying. Auntie Abena, this girl saw that I caught her so she joined force with the guy to insult me. She called me a villager and all sort of insults, I didn’t open my mouth. I just told them that what I wanted to know was I had heard it. They’d both confirmed that she was cheating on me with him so there’s no point of me explaining myself or hear anything more I have seen she’s cheating on me. There’s no point in me talking again. She started crying on the phone but I hanged up.

3 days later, she called me begging that she made a mistake and she’s begging me to accept her back. She’s been saying her sister knows how bad she’s now and her friends too. I’m not convinced because if any of them indeed knew it, like they would call me to apologize on her behalf but no one has showed up or called.

Now, there’s one thing which came my mind. I wanted to pay her back by accepting her apology and moving on with her but this time, I will chop aaaaaa till she finds out it won’t go anywhere then she will learn some sense. On the other hand, I have sat down to think deeply that I should forget about her and move on because there’s no way she will help me. Note she’s only an SHS graduate while I’m in my final year n in a media school. I also work in one of the media houses here in Ghana, as well as an entrepreneur.

I just don’t know what I did wrong for her to cheat on me so auntie let your fans give me advice on what to do because in my mind, I have broken up with her and I know she was playing a smart game on me. I love her and really wanted to get married to her but this issue is eating me up.

I have made my mind to end it officially because I have seen she doesn’t love me. I don’t know what I haven’t done for this lady, buying her gifts, everything she needs . Note that, whiles on the conference call, she told me that she doesn’t love me but loves the guy. I don’t see anything in this guy oo, he sells phone accessories at Kwame Nkrumah Circle, Accra.

He doesn’t help the girl in anything so I’ve just been paying for somebody else to eat (coded). No yawa. We move so I will be reading comments. I want to end all and focus more on myself than to be wasting time with someone who doesn’t value me but she’s been begging me on phone and crying that she can’t eat nor sleep. That she can’t live without me but I know all be lie Charlie because if she really meant it like her friend or sister would call me.

Note that we have had issues about this guy before but she told me he’s her bestie. There’s a lot to this and my mum even asked me if I am ready and am I sure about the girl. I said yes because I love her so I have started doing my underground search about her. I wanted to go to hospital to be checking one or two before we get married which she postponed to next month. Someone will say I’m been stupid for being in such a relationship because I should have left a long time ago but I thought she will change. Now I’m confused whether to pay her back or ignore her and move on. I will be reading comments.

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Written by Abena Magis

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