I Want to Place a Curse on Him


I’m a single lady of 30 years who needs your advice. There’s this guy I dated for less than a month (approximately three weeks) but based on his attitude I feel like putting a curse on him.

This guy works in a village under Northern Region while I’m also working at Upper East. Before I accepted his proposal, I made him understand that I am tired of fake guys and so if he knows he’s one of them, then I beg him to go elsewhere. I just can’t take any heart break anymore but he promised he won’t try that with me. Because of this assurance, I decided to give him a chance.

For the first few days, everything went on well. He called and chatted with me on both Whatsapp and Messenger but for the subsequent days no calls, only chatting. I complained and the reply he gave was, “we shall be fine.”

To cut a long story short, within the three weeks of our relationship, we had three misunderstandings. With the first two misunderstandings, he got angry with me for days without chatting with me. For peace to reign I always apologized though I I wasn’t the one at fault. Even before he accepted my apologies it took him an extra 2 days for things to get back to normal (still no calls, only Whatsapp).

This behavior of his has always kept me in a state of thinking. I keep asking myself if this guy really loves me because a guy who loves a lady will never get angry at her any slightest misunderstanding they have to the extent of refusing to pick her calls or reply her messages.

Anyway, let us move on.

Just last Saturday night, he WhatsApped and asked how my day went. Then he asked me to send him my nudes. I refused and told him I’m sorry but I can’t do that. Then he was like what about a video call with me in the nude but I still insisted that “No.”

He got angry at me again to the extent that when I sent him a Good night message, he didn’t reply me. I decided to give him space so he will sit, think and realize that his action were not good.

Since Saturday night till today he didn’t chat me again. This morning, I decided to confront him on that. He lied to me that he’s so busy since Saturday. Meanwhile I have been seeing him online both on WhatsApp and FB. I told him that no matter how busy someone is, he/she will find time for his/her partner.

He then told me to go and look for someone like that and date. Then he asked me not to send him any message again and went ahead to block me both on WhatsApp and Facebook.

Dear Manofans, I am seriously hurt by this. It’s obvious that all he wanted were my nudes and want to place a curse him for his act. I need your advice on this
Thanks for your time.

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Written by Abena Magis

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