I Want to Leak Her Videos for Stealing [+ Screenshots]


Please let the family help me on this. I broke up with a lady because she is not smart nor intelligent. Even though she is a trained teacher, her behaviour was scary and it discouraged me from marrying her. She is too miserly that she wouldn’t spend a coin on clothes or anything for her own body.

It’s either I bought it for her or had to go to the market with her but when I gave her money, she won’t buy it. She is a true definition of miser or stingy lady. Give her 1 million to prepare food and you will still eat small fish. If I want to eat to my satisfaction then unless I go out and buy the ingredients myself.

And it is not like she is saving money, she always has nothing. She entertains and discusses everything with her ex and that was boring me more. She accepted that she sometimes behaved like a child but my advice couldn’t change her. Auntie Abena, I am the type of guy who will date you only if the relationship will lead to marriage, so when I realised she won’t help me, I broke up with her last year October.

She sent me a picture of the money she stole from me – Anonymous Guy | 2021

Surprisingly, she visited me new year 1st January 2021. According to her, she’d missed me and had been starving for sex. She begged me for sex and claimed she was in her free period but I used condom. I had GHS4,000 in my wardrobe which I was going to use as registration fee for my car. She stole GHS1,200 out of it when I left the room.

When she went to her house, she sent me a message that she has a new guy who loves her so she is done with me. She added a picture of the GHS1,200g she stole from me. She is a teacher so I’m thinking of leaking her sex video when schools resume for her kids to laugh at her. That’s the only payback I had in mind for the money she stole.

She sent me a message that she’s pregnant and threatened to tell my brother – Anonymous Guy | 2021

I didn’t call or chat with her for the past two weeks. Surprisingly she called me this morning that she is pregnant for me. I thought she was joking so I hung up the call because I hate her for the money she stole. Later she sent me this messages on WhatsApp.

Please what should I do?

Written by Abena Magis

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